“There are no illegal people, there is illegal violence”

The Polish-Belarussian border as frontier to human rights and rule of law in Europe In August 2021, a group of 40 people from Afghanistan appeared at the Polish-Belarusian border. Although they sought asylum in Europe, the border guards did not allow them to return to Belarus or enter Poland, and instead trapped them in the […]

Why gender equality policies need to be more radical in hostile times

Prominent antifeminist mobilizations across Europe continue efforts to eclipse a feminist future. These mobilizations happen within a wider political project of autocratization, a systematic and visibly successful endeavor to change society. The CCINDLE project focuses on how feminist responses to these mobilizations can be strengthened. This blog zooms in on one institutional base for feminist […]

Evidence Bite: Feminist democratic innovations in policy and politics

A recently published article of CCINDLE partners Paloma Caravantes and EmanuelaLombardo explores feminist democratic innovations in policy and politics. The articleconceptualises feminist democratic innovations in local institutional politics exploringthe feminist municipal politics of Barcelona’s local government from 2015 to 2023 (Cruellsand Alfama, 2019). Democratic innovations in institutional politics refer to processes or institutions aimed atimproving […]

The politics of digital Anti-Gender Violence: A Call to Action for Institutions and Researchers

Digital anti-gender (AG) violence poses significant challenges for both political institutions and researchers. Mobbing campaigns, doxxing practices and trolling attacks are commonplace experiences for female politicians and feminist researchers inhabiting online spaces. These experiences underscore the urgent need to address the pervasive nature of digital violence. While studies have primarily focused on the ideological foundations […]

Italy as (Yet Again) A ‘Lighthouse’ for Anti-Gender and Anti-Immigration Politics

In 2016, the President of Family Day – Difendiamo I Nostri Figli, a prominent Italian anti-gender organization, defined Italy as a ‘lighthouse’ in safeguarding Western (read as ‘Christian and white’) civilization. Since 2013, when Italian anti-gender campaigns began to emerge, the country had been framed as an outpost to counter an alleged ‘gender ideology’ (an […]

Anti-gender campaigns in a gender-equal country – The case of Sweden

April 2023. The parties of the Swedish coalition government as well as the ethnonationalist Sweden Democrats, on whose parliamentary support the government relies, declare that the right to abortion is so fundamental that it should be inscribed in the Swedish constitution.  August 2023. Stockholm Pride. Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson decides to hang a rainbow […]

CCINDLE’s Third Consortium Meeting and Second Feminist Democracy Lab in Belgium

The CCINDLE project held its third consortium meeting from 13-15 September, 2023 in the beautiful Antwerp in Belgium. For those three days, CCINDLE partners met and discussed the progress and challenges of the work packages at the University of Antwerp. A clear highlight of the meetings was the second Feminist Democracy Lab which was organised […]

Deepening Democracy: the Inspiring Example of the Argentinean Feminist Mobilization

This year’s gathering of the International Political Science Association in Buenos Aires from 15-19 July 2023, had a particular feminist flavour, despite being a mainstream political science conference; with vibrant panels assessing the successes and aftermath of the massive feminist mobilisations in the region. The Ni Una Menos protest that started in Argentina in 2015 had […]

How anti-gender fearmongering challenges democracy in Hungary 

Anti-Gender (AG) campaigns – such as those targeting gender and sexual minorities and/or women’s rights – have become key components of conservative / right wing politics in the past decade in many countries. Hungary is an extreme example, where AG rhetoric has been instrumentalised by the government led by the Fidesz-KDNP Party Alliance who gained […]