First Feminist Democracy Lab: Anti-gender campaigns and the crisis of democracy

Thursday April 20, 2021, 16.00-19.00

University of Amsterdam, Roeterseiland campus A2.11

Over the last decades ‘anti-gender attacks’ are on the rise globally in the form of violence against feminist and LGBTQI activism and feminist and queer studies and expertise. These attacks are connected to the global trend of democratic erosion and illiberalism. Right wing movements identify feminism, sexual equality and anti-racism as a problem and have used conservative anti-feminist, homo and transphobic and racist sentiments to garner support for nationalist and anti-democratic agendas. Across Europe we see such movements becoming stronger and in some places capturing state power and eroding democracies (Hungary, Poland, Italy).

The EU funded CCINDLE project aims to contribute to the strengthening and re-invigorating of intersectional feminism and European democracies through theoretical and practical feminist theories, coalitions, and strategies. The project organizes an open debate for a wider public to discuss:

  1. how we can best understand current challenges to democracy and gender equality in Europe that are connected to anti-gender and antidemocratic politics, and feminist responses to these challenges.
  2. What are the pathways though which anti-gender action uses and leads to gender-based violence and, how anti-gender mobilizations use knowledge production, including the curtailing of academic and research freedom to promote their objectives.


Introduction: Mieke Verloo, Project Coordinator

Session 1: Double Trouble: Feminism and Democracy

  • Vreer Verkercke
  • Maayke Botman

Chairs: Conny Roggeband & Marta Rawłuszko

Session 2: Knowledge and Violence: Pathways to De-democratization

  • Mary Hawkesworth
  • Hande Eslen-Ziya

Chairs: Andrea Krizsán and Elżbieta Korolczuk