Co-creating knowledge within the WPs and in specific actions with collaborating partners towards specific outcomes 

Led by:  Akwugo Emejulu (together with Andrea Krizsán, Petra Meier, Elene Pavan, Conny Roggeband, and Mieke Verloo)  

Which feminist strategies can help to revitalize/realize democracy across Europe and to make it more inclusive and more resilient? What processes and practices can we set in motion to support the quality of democracy in the EU and promote gender equality? 

We will further develop co-creation as a principle, and work directly with feminist media and pro-democracy thinktanks, feminist donors, and gender professionals who are already responding to anti- gender campaigns and de-democratisation. 

We will also engage with university student populations by piloting advanced citizen assemblies to transform more dangerous forms of political antagonism towards more democratic agonism.